YP LMS Learning Management System

A low-cost, easily-configurable, highly-scalable, and rapidly-deployable LMS that is helping clients across the globe to accelerate learning and manage performance.


What do you look for in a learning management system? An intuitive interface that is easy to use? A host of robust performance analytics and train-track-report capabilities? The ability to manage learning on-the-go, with various social learning features? Or a role-based access architecture that enhances data security? Well, why choose one when you can take the whole lot, and more!

Yellow Platter LMS (YP LMS), our multi-tenant, out-of-the-box, rapidly-deployable Learning Management System offers you the right blend of traditional and innovative LMS features that you can customize to your requirements, without burning a hole in your pocket in licensing and implementation costs. Built on current Microsoft technologies and SaaS architecture, YP LMS is the platform of choice if you’re looking to provide a simple-to-use LMS to your employees and customers to help them learn, collaborate, and perform!

Key Features

  • Flexible and scalable design, with multiple customizable components and UI elements.
  • Role-based, multi-tenant architecture to support a tiered administration model.
  • Support for 36 different languages at the learner interface.
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting using standard and ad-hoc formats.
  • Support for multiple training delivery mediums – eLearning, classroom training, and virtual training.
  • eCatalogue to create commercial and/or non-commercial learning product catalogues.
  • Compliance with all major industry standards, including AICC and SCORM support.
  • In-built social communication components, including Blogs, RSS Feeds, and Forums.

Training Delivery

We understand how important it is for you to customize learning interventions based on each target group’s learning needs and performance goals. YP LMS supports you in creating the perfect blend of learning that supports both traditional and innovative methods of training delivery and management.



Use YP LMS to not only assign and track e-Learning courses, but also digitally deliver documents, presentations, videos, SOPs, questionnaires, assessments, and certifications to your learners.


Classroom Training

Use YP LMS to manage your instructor-led classroom training sessions, including scheduling of sessions, managing training logistics, sending participant notifications and announcements, and tracking completion.


Virtual Training

Use YP LMS to manage your virtual online training on platforms such as WebEx, including scheduling of online sessions using YP LMS, managing attendee registration, recording actual attendee information, and capturing online training data and attendee details using standard reports.


User Experience

  • UX is maximized with the self-service functionalities
  • Well defined administrator functionalities to perform specific tasks in the system
  • Ability to customize announcements and engage the learner with the platform
  • Easy data access for reporting & audit
  • Powerful search for System administrators which can be configured for the Learners
  • Easy navigation & GUI for the Learners
  • Branding and personalization
  • Strong visual experience

Social Media Collaboration

The latest YP LMS release integrates powerful Social Media communication and collaboration components. Now, users will be able to post their comments on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and comment on posts by others in their learning community. They will also be able to share status updates about courses they have viewed, assessments they have passed, or curriculums they have successfully completed, leading to a truly collaborative and social learning experience.


YP LMS ships with in-built support to create a commercial and/or non-commercial learning product catalogue. The eCatalogue module allows Admins to configure specific access rights and privileges so that users can:

  • Receive log in or enrolment credentials based on defined rights and privileges
  • Request the LMS Admin to generate or reset access credentials
  • Securely access their LMS account to purchase learning products (for a commercial product catalogue) or view assigned products (for a non-commercial product catalogue)
  • Receive certification on successful completion of training

Tracking and Reporting

A Management Information System (MIS) and reporting is at the heart of any good Learning Management System. YP LMS starts with a dozen standard report formats that one can customize as required. You can:

  • Use 15+ standard reports, with more customized reports using Reports Wizard
  • Filter reports using multiple criteria
  • Set up and run scheduled reports
  • Receive custom reports on system health and usage
  • Use the provision for error score card generation
  • Export report data in HTML, Excel, PDF or CSV formats
  • Use the single-click feature to print or email reports

Learning Collaboration

YP LMS is designed to be learner-centered, and aims to make the learning environment as collaborative and encouraging for the users as possible. Learning collaboration tools are just one of the many components that help learners to stay informed about current happenings, stay connected with their peers, and collaborate with each other to enhance the learning experience.



Blogs can be posted by the Admin to communicate information or opinions about a topic. Learners can read the blog posts, post their comments, and use the filter features to search for interesting or recent posts and updates.



Once an Admin has defined a forum category, users can post comments and queries, exchange ideas or views on a particular topic, or generally share information and updates with their peers.


RSS feeds

RSS Feeds are a great way for learners to stay informed about the latest news, blog posts, and other online updates on subjects that are of interest to them. To encourage 360° learning, the Admin may select stories of interest to a learner and make them available on the RSS Feed pane on the learner’s home page.


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